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Thermal Imaging

One of the best tools we have at our disposal for energy audits and home assessments is our thermal imaging cameras. Used both inside and out, the camera allows us to see temperature changes along the structural and mechanical systems in your home.

With such a powerful tool and our significant experience, we can identify problems in your home that are not visible to the naked eye.

The thermal images allow us to see:

  • Moisture and Mold
  • Air Leaks in the structure of your home
  • Voids in insulation
  • Leaks and Blockages in Pipes and Duct Work
  • Inefficient Windows and Doors
thermal imaging during an energy audit showing air leaks

Air Leak in Soffit Light

Thermal imaging showing cold spot due to an insulation void

Insulation Void

Cold spots in thermal image of a window

Poorly Performing Window

Thermal Imaging will literally highlight problem areas in your home that can be simply addressed and prevent much more significant problems, such as moist areas becoming moldy or causing rot.

Blower Door Test

Another diagnostic tool used in our Certified Energy Audits is the blower door. This tool is used to measure air tightness in your home’s building envelope and conditioned air (living) areas. In most cases, the fan is used to blow air out and depressurize the house. With a properly calibrated blower door, we measure air leakage and air tightness by how much air from outside is able to infiltrate your home’s interior and how quickly it is able to do so.

The blower door is a large fan that can be adjusted for speed and airflow placed into a canvas cover we attach to one of your home’s exterior doors. This is then connected to interior and exterior sensors that measure air pressure and speed.

The data collected over the course of the test, and information specific to our area and your home is run through models and equations. With this information we can determine the quality of your building envelope and generally how much air sealing is needed to make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible. Alternatively, our analysis could find your home could be too tight and require more ventilation to ensure healthy air flow and proper humidity levels.

Thermal imaging showing cold spot due to an insulation void

Blower Door Testing

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