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Building Science & Home as a System

Our Energy Audits and Whole House Assessments are based in building science and our understanding of your house as a system. Building science is focused on analyzing the natural and physical forces affecting your home, such as weather, material properties, physics, chemistry, biology and geology and understanding how to control these forces so your home will perform optimally.

Viewing your house as a complete and interrelated system allows us to identify problem areas and the root causes of issues in your home that are causing issues in comfort, air quality and energy efficiency.

Your Home’s System is composed of the:

  • Building Envelope - Doors, Windows, Walls and Roof
  • Mechanical Systems – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • The Occupants – You and your family

To have your home performing at its best, the parts of your home’s system need to be working together to properly manage four things that move in and around your home:

  • Water
  • Vapor
  • Air
  • Heat

If any one of these are above or below the appropriate levels for you particular home, it can cause many issues of varying severity that could affect your health, comfort, finances and the structural integrity of your home.

Our understanding of building science and viewing your home as a system allow us to identify the root causes of breakdowns in your home’s performance and provide treatments for more than just the symptoms. For example, a humid home or room could be fixed by treating the symptom with a dehumidifier. The proper way would be to assess the problem in ventilation and airflow allowing humidity to build up. This not only solves the humidity problem, but will also correct air quality issues and add to the overall efficiency of the HVAC system.

If you would like to know how well your home’s system is functioning we’ll be happy to help make your home more healthy, comfortable and efficient.

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